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Related article: Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2007 05:57:18 -0500 From: Subject: Family Compound 8I spent the night alone in Boo Boo's bed. I dreamed of Shannon's soft body and warm, tight pussy, the taste of Red's long hard dick and Boo Boo's flexing ass muscles.I was reclining in the chair in Boo Boo's room when he entered with Red and Pooh. "Sorry, l'l cuz," he laughed "I forgot to knock." He turned to Red and Pooh. "Bam Bam's a man, now...a real man." He walked to the chair and grabbed my crotch, then turned back to Red and Pooh. "I walked in on him yesterday, laying up with some cute little tender."Red laughed, as he pushed Boo Boo away from me. He squeezed his long, slim body next mine in the chair. "Your first real piece. How did it feel?""Awesome, man, fantastic," I could feel the big grin spread across my face as I thought of my evening with Shannon."What about Erica?" Pooh asked."That ho was a vaccuum, a cum dump. She wasn't no good for a little brother's first." Red spat out. He looked at me and ruffled my hair. "I'm proud of you little grasshopper," he grinned at me."Okay, l'il cuz, tell big cuz all about it," Boo Boo said as he began stripping in the middle of the room.As I told them about my experience with Shannon, I did feel more like a man, more like one of them. Boo Boo undressed and dressed in old jeans and a tee shirt as I gave graphic details. Pooh sat on the bed, while Red sat next to me in the chair, listening intently. When I finished Red put his arm around me, hugging me to his chest. "I'm just so proud of you l'il homey," he gushed.Boo Boo turned toward us. "Okay, we have work to do."Boo Boo explained that Red's brother was moving to Atlanta with his girlfriend and giving Red most of the furniture from his apartment. Red, Pooh and Tim were going to move it in Red's uncle's truck. Boo Boo and I were to make a space for the furniture inside the clubhouse.Big Ma, Aunt Cheek and Aunt Tiny were gossiping in the kitchen as we passed through. "What y'all up to today?" Big Ma asked."Nothing, just doing some stuff at Tim's," Boo Boo answered.Aunt Cheek looked sideways at Boo Boo. "Don't get baby boy in no trouble," she told him, referring to me.Boo Boo laughed. "Who was that girl with Miss Trudy yesterday?""You stay away cp lolita bbs russian from her, I don't need no shit with some little lolita 15 yo underwear girl's mama," Aunt Tiny scolded."I think she was one of Miss Trudy's granddaughters'," Aunt Cheek told him.I stood with my mouth open. Boo Boo looked at me and stated what I was thinking, "that means she's your cousin." He pushed me through the kitchen and out the back door.We crossed the ground of the compound to Tim's backyard. I wasn't listening to the other's. I kept thinking that I had fucked my cousin. I watched as Red, Pooh and Tim left. Boo Boo turned and looked at me with a somewhat worried expression. "Hey, you didn't know," he told me and headed to the door of the clubhouse.We heard the moans, grunts and squeals of a porno movie as we entered the living room of the clubhouse. Boo Boo looked at me and shrugged his shoulders. We quietly crossed the room to the open door of the bedroom. There we found Frank, kneeling in the middle of the bed. One of his hands cupped one his big titties, the other arm was between his legs and under him as he bounced up and down on the bed."What the fuck!", Boo Boo yelled.Frank froze and stared at us, embarrassed. I looked at his huge body, one hand was still tightly closed around his titty. I noticed his fat dick under the folds of his stomach, his balls pressed against the shaft of his dick and realized he was fucking himself on his hand. He opened his mouth and said something that sounded like gargling."Man," Boo Boo said, still staring at Frank, "what's going on?"Frank looked from us to the television. Boo Boo and I turned and looked at the screen. There were two guys on the screen. One was on his knees, jacking himself child non nude lolitas off, as the second guy pounded into his asshole with a thick hard dick."I guess I just wondered..." Frank's voice trailed off.I looked at Boo Boo and could tell by the look on his face that his dick was hard. I looked at Frank. He was sweating, his arms mana elegant gothic lolita at his side as he watched Boo Boo and I."What?" teen model nymphet lolita Boo Boo asked Frank.Frank looked back at the TV screen. The slim black guy was still on his knees, groaning as the other black guy, built like a body builder, sprayed cum on his back while moaning, "yeah, yeah, yeah."Frank looked back at us and then held his head down. "To get fucked," he whispered."Yeah," Boo Boo nodded. A sinister smile growing on his face. He grabbed his crotch and I saw he was definitely hard. I felt top lolita 50 sites my own dick growing. Boo Boo crossed the room and sat on the side of the bed. He looked Frank up and down and squeezed his own dick through his pants. Frank relaxed and sat back in the bed. "Man, when..." I don't think Boo Boo knew how to phrase the question he wanted to ask."Well, you know Cynthia don't want to fuck right now," Frank stated. Cynthia, Frank's girlfriend was pregnant and due any day. Frank moved in with her and her mother a few weeks ago, but spent more and more time at Miss Millie's and the clubhouse. "Well the other day, I was jacking off and she was sucking my chest. You know I like my titties played with and sucked on." He grabbed one of his nipples between a thumb and forefinger and pinched.Boo Boo reached out and grabbed Frank's other nipple and pulled on it. "They look like a woman's," Boo Boo stated and pinched Franks big nipple.Frank moaned. "She stuck her finger in my ass and it felt so good I nutted all over myself," Frank sighed and leaned back as Boo Boo grabbed his other titty and squeezed.Boo Boo stood up and quickly stripped sven s lolita page out of his clothes as Frank watched. Boo Boo's fat dick stood straight out as he approached Frank. He climbed on the bed beside Frank, took one of his titties in his hand sky lolita cp top and leaned down and took the nipple in his mouth. Frank sighed and as he leaned flat back on the bed and spread his legs, his fat dick popped against his stomach. Frank pressed Boo Boo's head into his chest. "Bite it," then, "damn, not that hard."Boo Boo looked up at me. "It's like a girl's, suck the other one."I stripped and sat on the other side of Frank. I grabbed a titty in my hand. It was big and flabby. Although, his breasts looked like a womans, with a huge dark ring surrounding his small pointed nipple, they did not stand out like a woman's, but lay almost flat across his chest. Boo Boo watched me with Frank's nipple between his teeth, as I took the other nipple into my mouth. "Unggg," Frank groaned loudly. I licked at the nipple, as I pressed my teeth lightly into his flesh. Frank groaned again and began jacking his dick. I slid alongside him and rubbed my dick into his fat thigh as I sucked and bit at his nipple."Raaaa," Frank rumbled and almost tossed me off the bed as he lifted his knees and ass. I looked down, Frank was jacking more furiously. Boo Boo had stuck his finger in Frank's ass.My lips grew tired, I leaned back and massaged Frank's nipple between my thumb and forefinger as I looked at Boo Boo. He winked at me. "I'm going to tap his ass," he said. Boo Boo climbed over Frank and between his legs. He grabbed Frank's dick. "Damn, this shit is fat." Boo Boo told Frank. Frank's dick was about six inches long, and as wide around as it was long. It barely fit in Boo Boo's big hands. Boo Boo was on his knees, crawling between Frank's legs as he stuck two fingers into Frank's asshole. Frank grunted and bucked his hips.Boo Boo's dick hit the spot under Frank's balls. Frank lifted his hips as Boo Boo tried to manuever his dick to Frank's asshole. "This isn't going to work," Boo sighed, "turn over."Boo Boo crawled to the foot of the bed, as Frank rolled his big body over. When he lay on his stomach, Boo Boo spread his legs and crawled between them. Boo Boo slapped one of Frank's massive ass cheeks, then massaged them both in his hands. He pulled the cheeks apart, finding Frank's hole and massaged it with the tip of his thumb. "Man, if this were pussy, I'd eat it." Frank moaned at the thought. Boo Boo moved closer and raised up a little. He held one of Frank's cheeks in his hand and guided his dick lolitas videos pay sites to Frank's asshole with the other. He rubbed the head of his dick around Frank's asshole. Suddenly, Boo Boo pushed his dick against the hole. "Ahh," Frank groaned. Boo Boo pushed again. "Ahhh," Frank screamed, "lube."Boo Boo nodded at me, "Hand me that Vaseline." I grabbed the jar of Vaseline and handed it to Boo Boo. Boo Boo stuck two fingers underage teen lolita gallery in the jar and then into Frank. Frank moaned and raised his ass to meet Boo Boo's fingers. I watched as Boo Boo twisted his two big fingers around in Frank's asshole. Frank moaned and shuddered. Boo Boo removed his fingers and picked up the jar of Vaseline. He placed a glob of Vaseline outside of Frank's asshole and held the jar out to me. "Put some on my dick." I stuck my finger in the jar and grabbed Boo Boo's dick coating it with Vaseline as I slowly stroked his dick. His dick felt good in my hand and I felt my mouth water and my semi hard dick jerk. I removed my hand, dug a little more Vaseline from the jar and grabbed Boo Boo's dick again. teen model nymphet lolita "Ahhh, boy," Boo Boo moaned as I massaged his dick with my greasy palm.Boo Boo slapped my hand away and pressed his dick into Frank's hole. I watched as the fat head slipped inside. "Ahhh," Frank screamed. Boo Boo sat still for a moment with just the head of his dick inside Frank. Frank's body shifted suddenly as he swallowed almost half of Boo Boo's dick inside his hole. "Aaaahh" Frank screamed. "Just stick it all in." Boo Boo shoved his entire eight and a half inches into him and Frank screamed with the penetration. "Stop," Frank screamed as Boo Boo's body pressed against Franks ass cheeks. Boo Boo lay still against Frank's ass.I watched as Frank's ass cheeks clinched. "Damn," Boo Boo yelled, "this shit is hot and tight." He began to move slowly in and out of Frank. I grabbed my dick as I watched Boo Boo's ass muscles clinch and unclinch with his movements in and out. Frank grunted each time Boo Boo moved into him. "Ahhh, fuck it," Frank moaned as Boo Boo pulled out. Boo Boo shifted himself in the bed, raising off of his knees and planting his palms in Frank's back. He began pounding into Frank. I lay on the side of the bed and began jacking my dick as I watched. Frank moaned, "Yea, yea, yea." Boo Boo grunted. "Umph, umph, umph."Boo Boo tried to shift his body and his dick slipped from Frank. He slapped Frank's ass cheek. "Roll on your side," Boo Boo told Frank as he rolled off of him. Frank rolled over and faced me as Boo Boo scooted up behind him. "Umph," Frank grunted as he jammed his fat dick into my side. I turned and looked at Frank. His eyes squinched each time Boo Boo pounded into him. I reached down and grabbed Franks dick, turning towards him. My hand only encirled about a third of his dick, but he shoved into my Vaseline coated hand.I leaned into Frank and sucked his nipple into my mouth. He sighed and pumped my hand faster. I bit his nipple. "Umph," his hot cum hit my stomach. I bit his nipple again and he bucked back into Boo Boo, his still shooting dick fell from my hand. "Arrgghh," Boo Boo roared and Frank's body was pushed towards me. "Damn," Boo Boo yelled. I could not see him, but I could tell he was coming by the strained look on Frank's face.Frank reached down and grabbed my dick. He stroked three or four times before I came all over his stomach. "Ahhh," Frank sighed as he rolled over on his back towards Boo Boo. "Damn, Frank, wait," Boo Boo yelled as he fell off of the bed. I laughed so hard, I nearly fell out of the bed myself.
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